09/06/1989 'Widowermaker' released in the U.S.


Bong Song
first known performance: 4/8/89, The New Ritz, NYC
last known performance: 12/31/10, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Only one known performance prior to Teresa leaving the band (until the reunion). No complete 7/4/89 NORML recording has come to light, which would be the only other show we might find it played with her. It is written as 'BONGHIT" on the 4/8/89 setlist.
Booze, Tobacco, Dope, Pussy, Cars
first known performance: 8/23/89, Subterrania, London, UK
last known performance:
"Booze..." makes its debut at the Reading Fest warm-up gigs at the Subterranea on the 8/23-24/89. It becomes more or less a staple until it is dropped after the short 1992 tour.
first known live performance: 9/26/88, Noorderlict, Tilburg, Netherlands
last known performance: 10/31/09, Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX 
1401 Anderson Lane was the ranch's address in Austin. The European release on Blast First has the song listed as this, while the U.S. release saw this listed as "The Colored FBI Guy". "1401" is what is known as on the Anal Obsession...there are no Colored FBI Guys here. This is a true staple that has been included in pretty much every known set since it's debut.
first known performance: 4/8/89, The New Ritz, NYC
last known performance: 5/5/91, Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI
"Helicopter" makes a massive 20+ minute debut at the New Ritz show. It is the only known version to feature Teresa, and probably is the only ever performance with her in the band. It was played relatively steadily until it's dropped in 1991, though never becoming a staple of their live sets.

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  • Line-Up: Gibby, Paul, King, Jeff
  • The release date listed is a tad in question...i couldn't find a copy until the after The World show 10/26/89...seems difficult to believe i woulda waited nearly 2 months to buy it...fer some reason...
  • Recorded at the band's home studio in Driftwood, TX.
  • U.S. release, the band's final with Touch & Go is a 12" EP and normal CD
  • The UK version on Blast First is released as a 10" with an insert of photos from the Reading Festival performance 8/27/89. The Blast First import CD is a 3" CD, and also contains the photo insert.
  • On the U.S. version, "Bong Song" is listed as "Bon Song", which Paul has said was just a printing error, much like the "Toronadoes" misprint on the U.S. 'Cream Corn' CD.
  • On the U.S. version, "1401" is listed as "The Colored FBI Guy". No reason fer this other than to fuck with retards trying to maintain BHS setlists... ;)
  • The U.K. release was released late October of 1989. 
  • Test Pressing pictured below
  • Review from Melody Maker 10/28/89