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  • Welp!...again, disregard the date...it's 5/20/2011!...our dates fer the news only go to 2010, but there's still lots of good news!
  • Saturday, Aug 27, 2011!! Butthole Surfers will play the Sunset Junction Street Fair, in sunny, So Cal!...well, i'm assuming it's sunny there...the sun hasn't shown here in a dog's age...
  • Anywho, TIX are on sale and only $15!!...Google SUNSET JUNCTION and go get them...
  • some new posters added!
  • The first show to surface with Juan, July 23, 1985!...added
  • 1984 Pyramid, NYC video surfaced, but unlikely to ever materialize...shame shame...


  • So, it's actually 3/7/11, but my news dates end with 2010...I am still updating!...new posters and setlists galore...new discoveries and old recordings FINALLY getting liberated and properly archived!...please keep checking back!
  • The Butthole Surfers BOOK?...Yes. It's being written and in the final stretch...look fer it, hopefully, by year's end!
  • Keep checking BLOGSPOT fer the Anal Obsession Blog too...lots of recordings and pictures!!...
  • More news coming, but not much time to do it...
  • write and let's archive those old masters before the deoxidize!!


  • Added the Scoot Inn shows after Jason was kind enough to do some site upgrades to add a 2010 spot.
  • Who'd have believed we'd be back again to updating new shows in 2010!!...
  • Tickets for the Williamsburg Music Hall shows on 12/30 and 12/31 are going fast!! Get yers now and help celebrate the coming of 2011 in style!!
  • Fer those who might not know...the Blog is the place to find the shows ya want. Here's the link!:
  • Have a great holiday season, earthlings!


  • Bill Jolly has been kindly helping to fill in some gaps from his tenure (fall 1982- Spring 1984).
  • Check around fer stories, addendums and corrections throughout...
  • Big Thanks!


  • Setlist posted fer teh 4/26/87 Isis show
  • Unconfirmed 4/25/87 Graystone Hall show added...



  • Newly surfaced recording of 4/26/87!!
  • Setlist to follow shortly!!


  • Added some photos to 5/3/87. Thanks again to Ken Salerno fer posting them!
  • Added pix to 2/4/83. Thanks to Duck Butter fer those!
  • Added a tentative date of 4/17/87 at the Uptown, Kansas City, MO...with pix!. Thanks to Greg Blair fer that!
  • The new Psychic Ills EP featuring Gibby Haynes on guest vox is available now! LTD to 550 copies, so get it soon!
  • Only 2 1/2 more weeks until the shows! Get yer tix from the links provided below!


  • JESUS CHRIST!!...>ahem<
  • Tickets are on sale for the 10/29/10 and 10/31/10 shows!
  • The 10/29 show will be two sets, the first set will be 'Locust Abortion Technician' performed in its entirety...some of these songs fer the first time ever!
  • The 10/31 show features special guests, MEAT PUPPETS!!
  • take yer pick folks...or go to BOTH...i certainly would....
  • Get tickets here:



  • Setlist and recording info added to 8/24/85!!


  • Fixed formatting from 1993 - 2002...a place I don't venture much, but if you do, ya may notice it's all gussied up to the high standard here...;P
  • Recording info added to 4/21/87 1st Ave show!


  • Butthole Surfers in Austin at the Scoot Inn Oct. 29 and 31?
  • Paul says it looks to be TRUE!!!
  • More info as it unfurls!


  • Updated both the 8/xx/89 MTV Europe info and the 2/11/88 Snub-TV info based on new video to surface!
  • I just checked and noticed that there are 737 shows, releases and appearances listed here! Even I am kinda impressed at that...thanks to all the folks who have written and helped out!!



  • finally finished the PIOUGHD page!